How can we discuss our wedding day with you?
It would be great to meet and discuss your wedding face to face, perhaps over a coffee, if at all possible. Alternatively, if you are in a different town or country, we can pool in Skype or Facetime chat at your convenience.

Do you travel outside England for weddings?
Yes. We will travel to virtually any part of the earth you need us to. All out of town commissions will attract extra costs for travel and accommodation, if needed.

Can friends and family view the images?
All of your images are placed into a password-protected gallery, which can be accessed remotely and shared with family and friends.

You will also have Client Exclusive Access, where you will be able to mark selected photos as private.

What are your rates?
Wedding photography is very much ‘a la carte’, so the exact cost of your wedding will depend entirely on what you desire. With prices starting at £1,600 / €2,200, we can create a package solely tailored to your criteria.

How long does it take to get the pictures to us?
You will receive all of the images within five weeks.

Do you offer albums?
Yes. We place a lot of importance into our carefully sourced, Fine Art, printed albums. We truly believe that an album, which you can touch and feel, will be one of the most important heirlooms passed down to the family.

How does the album design process work?
We personally design the album layout with your unique images. This can then be proofed, by yourselves, through the online password-protected gallery. Once you’re happy with the design, your album will be created (printed) and delivered. This process takes approximately four to five weeks.

Do you take traditional wedding photographs?
Yes. We appreciate the value and the history behind the traditional family portrait.

Are the images provided High Resolution?
Yes. All of the images you receive will be print ready in glorious high resolution. They are yours to print or share with family and friends.